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The following dental savings information chart compares actual costs for common dental services to discounted costs with Reassurance Dental.

ProcedureNo PlanWith PlanYou Save% Saved
Oral Exam $62.00$32.00$30.0048%
Complete X-Rays $152.00$80.00$72.0047%
Cleaning $114.00$63.00$51.0045%
Filling $185.00$94.00$91.0049%
Root Canal $823.00$484.00$339.0041%
Crown $1,186.00$801.00$385.0032%
Upper Denture $1,341.00$959.00$382.0028%
Braces $5,634.00$3,547.00$2,087.0037%

Actual costs and savings may vary by provider, service, and geographical location. We use the average of negotiated fees from participating providers to determine the average costs as shown on the chart. Based on Aetna Navigator Information 3/20/2015.

How Much Will You Save?

Reassurance Dental saves people money every day, and you can start saving too! As an added benefit, Reassurance Dental also includes discount Vision care and Prescription benefits—at NO EXTRA COST!

Best of all, there's no limit to how much you can save. This one, low-cost plan can save you money on most dental procedures for you and your family! One plan, three ways to save, unlimited savings!

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Real Savings from Real People

“I saved $207.00 on a tooth extraction that was $285.00 with no card and $78.00 with the card, a great savings.” – Stanley T., Arlington, VA

“I went to the dentist for oral surgery and a set of dentures, the procedures were going to cost $7,000.00 but I only paid $3,000.00.” – Carol T., Pitcarin, PA

“On my root canal I paid $400.00 and saved $600.00 at the dentist with the card. I’m very happy with the card.” – Alma A., San Jose, CA