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The Reassurance Dental Savings Program

Welcome to a better way to save on dental care.

Why Reassurance
How it Works
You Can't Lose
Why Reassurance

108 million Americans do not have dental insurance, and those with coverage end up paying out of pocket due to coverage caps.

Your smile says a lot about you, and while you can't avoid the unexpected, you can be prepared for the inevitable—with Reassurance Dental.

It's not insurance, it's a dental discount card that you can get today and start using tomorrow—with savings of 15%–50%*, in most instances, per visit. Plus, you can also save on vision and prescription!

How it Works

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Over 161,000 available dental practice locations nationwide**.
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Get your card emailed and present it at your dental office, even works for emergency dental visits.

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Dental care priced right for you and your family; get discounted pricing through the Aetna Dental Access® Network.

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You Can't Lose

As soon as you've paid for your first month you and your family can start saving on costly dental procedures. We're confident that you'll love the savings you see with Reassurance Dental, but if you should choose to cancel your plan within the first 30 days, we'll refund you in full—no questions asked, no hassle.

Money Back Savings Guarantee

If the savings on your dental care for the year add up to less than your plan’s annual cost, the difference will be paid directly to you.

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Alicia saved $65.00 on Daniel’s X-Rays with Reassurance Dental.
Judy saved $289.00 on a complete upper denture set. That's a quarter of the cost!
Sample Savings Chart
ProcedureNo PlanWith PlanSavings*% Saved
Oral Exam $62.00$32.00$30.0048%
Complete X-Rays $152.00$80.00$72.0047%
Cleaning $114.00$63.00$51.0045%
Filling $185.00$94.00$91.0049%
Root Canal $823.00$484.00$339.0041%
Crown $1,186.00$801.00$385.0032%
Upper Denture $1,341.00$959.00$382.0028%
Braces $5,634.00$3,547.00$2,087.0037%

Actual costs and savings may vary by provider, service, and geographical location. We use the average of negotiated fees from participating providers to determine the average costs as shown on the chart. Based on Aetna Navigator Information 3/20/2015

Keep your family and your wallet healthy despite rising dental costs

The average cost for a visit to the dentist has tripled in the last 30 years. With Reassurance Dental, you’ll save money on most of your dental work! One plan cuts dentist bills by 15%–50%, in most instances, per visit* on check-ups, X-rays and fillings to root canals, dentures, crowns and orthodonture.

Our promise is simple: we'll help you get the dental care your family deserves at prices you can afford, with no limit to the money you can save on countless dental procedures. Welcome to a better way to save on dental care.

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Your smile says a lot about you

Life can get busy, who has the time to worry about one more thing? While you can't avoid the unexpected, you can be prepared for the inevitable.

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Don't wait for an emergency! You can afford a healthy mouth today!

Don’t let high costs delay your dental care and cause more problems, and don’t be caught off-guard by sudden unexpected and expensive issues!

Reassurance Dental is one solution that will never quit on you or your family. It unlocks unlimited dental savings for you and your family, no matter how extensive your dental work is!

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"I went to the dentist for oral surgery and a set of dentures, the procedures were going to cost $7,000.00 but I only paid $3,000.00." – Carol T., Pitcarin, PA

* Actual costs and savings vary by provider, service and geographical area.
** As of August 2015